9/11- The Unforgettable

Nine Eleven- the day the world seemed to stand still, one of the worst tragedies in America’s history. Thinking about it now, the term “We all remember where we were when Nine Eleven happened,” will become irrelevant in the years to come. Me, being only twelve, have to be told where I was because I was too little too remember. And because of this, I have decided to archive a story of a woman who was in one of the most memorable and terrifying places to be when this occurred- in the one hundred second floor of one of the twin towers. This woman’s name was Judith, and she spoke in front of my church today about her experience that day.
    Judith began the day as she did everyday. She got dressed and hopped in the car, heading to the World Trade Center. Judith arrived at 8:45 and went to the 102nd floor to her office in Aon. That was the first day she had worn sneakers to work, and she was slipping on her work shoes when she heard the explosion and watched through the window as the tower opposite of hers was struck by an unknown object- all she knew was that it was big and it had exploded right into one of the towers. She watched in horror as flaming furniture, bodies, and pieces of the plane fell to the ground from eighty floors off the ground. She started screaming to her co workers to get out of the building, but nobody was moving! They were all looking for the receptionist to tell them what do, but they were nowhere to be found. Finally they began listening to her and made a mad dash through the door to the stairwell, Judith leading the evacuation. Turning a corner, she automatically found stairwell A, the main stairway that also was the only one leading all the way down to the first floor. Everyday she had seen stairwell C, which only led to the 77th floor, but God guided her to A, along with  the rest of her office. Holding her  friend’s hand the whole way down, they flowed with hundreds, thousands of other workers down the stairs. Very soon, though, an automated response system came on “Please return to your offices, we have everything under control,”. Suddenly Judith was fighting against people trying to go back to their offices. Now linking arms with other people trying to escape, still holding onto her friend’s hand, they made it closer and closer to the ground, all the way down, Judith recited Psalm 91 out loud He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1 ASV)
Around the 87th floor, she realized that she’d released her friend’s hand, and actually stopped and waited for her, called out to her- by the time they had linked arms again, they had very little time to escape. They made it to the 85th floor together, and suddenly, the second plane collided into the 86th floor of their building, and looking up, they were able to see the belly of the plane that had just caused so much destruction. Sprinting down the stairs now, they were finally almost out. She remembers rushing by fire fighters and pleading with them not to go up, to which they calmly replied, “Its our job,” many of them knowing they would never make it back down. Judith and her  friend were able to make it out alive, and Judith was able to sit down and recount this story with us today.
   So, in the same way that Judith found her way out of the terror that was Nine Eleven by linking arms with her bretheren, if we link arms with God, he will lead us from any darkness in this world, any evil, any fears, and he will guide us on the path to heaven. So link arms with The Lord God today, and let him lead you to salvation.


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