Fruits of the Spirit: Faith

Faith- something many of us struggle with. Most of us go to church every Sunday, praise God, and listen to the sermons, and then we leave as ‘changed’ people. To us, this means we are true Christians. Well it doesn’t. Church does not define our lives, WE define our lives. If you’re a complete jerk everyday and then go to church at the end of the week, that does not make you a Christian. Faith makes you a Christian. We have to believe that God is there. After all, faith is believing without seeing. If we start losing belief in God, we lose faith in God too. The only way we can truly be called God’s children is if we follow God’s commands and do right in his eyes. The more sins we commit, the less faith we show in God. And the less faith we show in God, the more the devil takes control of our lives. All I’m saying is,FAITH IS BELIEVING WITHOUT SEEING.


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