Fruits of the Spirit: Forbearance

WOW it feels good to be back! I am so very sorry that I have not been posting lately like I promised, due to technical difficulties I have not been able to write lately.

Anyway, the topic of today’s post is forbearance. But some of you may ask “what is forbearance?”. It’s quite simple-forbearance  is patience. With all of our high tech gadgets today we don’t really have a sense of patience anymore. TiVo introduced us all to the wonders of not having to watch commercials, our iPhones let us control the appliances in our homes, and our new cars drive really fast-so fast that we assume everybody else should be going the same speed. When the other cars slow down in front of us, or our computers slow down or we have to watch commercials (I mean, can you remember the last time you Actually had to wait a few seconds for a webpage to load? IT IS TORTURE) we tend to get frustrated. But the question is why? Not too long ago the top speed of a car was 20 miles per hour, we had to drive on dirt roads, we had NO television, and there were no computers to stall on us.

Now go even farther back-to Jesus’ time period. People walked everywhere, to carry something heavy across town we would have loaded it into a cart pulled by oxen, and kids played with tiny handmade clay dolls. Jesus himself had to have a lot of forbearance. I mean, really, wouldn’t you get the tiniest bit mad if almost EVERYONE was out to get you?? I know I would! But the thing about patience is that most of us have to work on it. A LOT. That feeling you get when that car slows down in front of you is pointless. When has getting mad or complaining about something ever helped? And who are we, mere humans that are only breathing because God allows us to, are only walking because God allows us to, to feel impatient about anything? What makes us so important that we get mad about being late to a meeting or a practice? We are no better than that person who slowed us down, no matter their age, their race, or their height. Every time we think that our needs are more important than someone else’s are moments of pride. Pride is a sin, one that is put in our hearts by the devil. Fight it, because patience is God’s way of reminding us that we’re only human.

My project for this post is simple. Every time somebody cuts you off in a car, or makes you late to a meeting, or cuts in front of you in line, quell your pride and actually thank God for bringing you down to earth. What are we in such a hurry for? Also, watch the commercials on the TV. Don’t change the channel or fast forward, just sit there and maybe talk to whoever you’re with, or just think. You’ll get used to it.


One thought on “Fruits of the Spirit: Forbearance

  1. Hey Elyot, thx for the post.
    indeed patience is sometimes difficult to bring into practice.
    sometime ago i red in a book that asking for patience doesn’t work because God already gave that to us. but we better pray that He helps us to put it in practice. He will give us circumstanses to put it in practice.

    greetings, Heidi (klara from the farm game)

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