Finding someone’s value

    Everyday we interact with people, and we are so fast to judgement! A few minutes of conversation, and we already have pretty good ideas of what the other person is like: Moron, Dork, Obnoxious, Poser, and Awkward readily come to mind. These people now, every time we connect with them in the future, are stuck in their roles of “Awkward, Obnoxious, etc…” with little hope of changing your perception of them. The worst part of this is: they don’t even know it. 

You probably don’t think this, but whenever we speak to someone, our opinion of them subtly affects the way we behave. So, if you think that somebody is inferior to you (the receptionist at your office, or the teenager handing you your bag at Wendy’s, for example), you will act like you are above them. What does this do? It gives the other person a pretty good idea of who you are, and makes the relationship a difficult one to maintain.

But why are we so ready to judge other people? You might be thinking “Oh, but I’ve known them for years and they’ve always been a complete dolt,” and that is the wrong way to think about that person. I recently read an article entitled “How To Deal With Jerks And Idiots”, and, as you can probably guess, it’s all about dealing with those people in our lives that really tick us off. While many people believe that they categorize people based on those peoples’ actions, it is more likely we negatively objectify people simply because they are not the same as us.

However, the one way in which we are all the same is that we were put here to better others. To love and accept others. To treat all neighbors as we would treat ourselves, and to not pick and choose to whom we give preferential treatment. The person you loathe hearing speak because of their ignorance on certain topics or simply the way they speak is no better and no worse than you, as much as it might hurt to hear this. It might sound like a cliché, but that person is someone’s child, maybe even a parent. To somebody, they’re Superman. Could you imagine how you would feel if you knew somebody thought about your mother or your child the way you think about this person in your life?

We negatively objectify people simply because they are not the same as us.

When you start to think of people as having value, not necessarily to you, but to others in their own lives, you will start thinking about them differently. To somebody at home, seeing them is the best part of their day, just as you are to somebody in your home. We are all put here by God for a reason, and I get it: a lot of times it can be nearly impossible to try and imagine for what reason somebody could have been sent here, but it is the truth. The faster you learn to accept this truth, the better your relationships will become and the happier your days will be. Thanks for reading, and I hope you can start to see others as valuable. Maybe not to you, but to someone, and to God; and that you should treat them as such.

The Truth Is Like Poetry


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Lawn care

 I was outside a moment ago, mowing the lawn and thinking about what message I should display to all my viewers, and I found it-how to mow a lawn.

The way I see it, our lives are all one giant, grassy front yard. When you first have it, it’s cut perfectly- then little tufts of unruly grass crop up out of nowhere- let’s call these little tufts of grass sin. At first, these little patches are mowed over quickly, bringing our lawn back to its original shape. However, when you don’t pay attention to your lawn, the patches come up so fast you can’t keep up with mowing them, until your lawn turns into a yard of weeds, foot tall grass, and dry spots. When your yard gets like this, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless, and stop mowing it.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

While many of us are too lazy to do anything about it, some people call in a gardener to help mow everything down for them. That’s where God comes in. All you have to do is call on God to help you mow your lawn, and he’ll come and help! Isn’t that great?

After you call in the gardener, he may give you a little tip book on how to make sure your yard doesn’t EVER become overgrown again. As you can probably tell, this is the Bible. The more often you read and practice what the tip book tells you, the patches of grass are less likely to move in.


We can’t necessarily keep our yards perfect all of the time.

You’ll notice I said that they are less likely to sprout up, because we can’t necessarily keep our yards perfect all of the time. But the gardener will always be on call to help you along the way, and it is up to you whether you heed his advice or not.


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9/11- The Unforgettable

Nine Eleven- the day the world seemed to stand still, one of the worst tragedies in America’s history. Thinking about it now, the term “We all remember where we were when Nine Eleven happened,” will become irrelevant in the years to come. Me, being only twelve, have to be told where I was because I was too little too remember. And because of this, I have decided to archive a story of a woman who was in one of the most memorable and terrifying places to be when this occurred- in the one hundred second floor of one of the twin towers. This woman’s name was Judith, and she spoke in front of my church today about her experience that day.
    Judith began the day as she did everyday. She got dressed and hopped in the car, heading to the World Trade Center. Judith arrived at 8:45 and went to the 102nd floor to her office in Aon. That was the first day she had worn sneakers to work, and she was slipping on her work shoes when she heard the explosion and watched through the window as the tower opposite of hers was struck by an unknown object- all she knew was that it was big and it had exploded right into one of the towers. She watched in horror as flaming furniture, bodies, and pieces of the plane fell to the ground from eighty floors off the ground. She started screaming to her co workers to get out of the building, but nobody was moving! They were all looking for the receptionist to tell them what do, but they were nowhere to be found. Finally they began listening to her and made a mad dash through the door to the stairwell, Judith leading the evacuation. Turning a corner, she automatically found stairwell A, the main stairway that also was the only one leading all the way down to the first floor. Everyday she had seen stairwell C, which only led to the 77th floor, but God guided her to A, along with  the rest of her office. Holding her  friend’s hand the whole way down, they flowed with hundreds, thousands of other workers down the stairs. Very soon, though, an automated response system came on “Please return to your offices, we have everything under control,”. Suddenly Judith was fighting against people trying to go back to their offices. Now linking arms with other people trying to escape, still holding onto her friend’s hand, they made it closer and closer to the ground, all the way down, Judith recited Psalm 91 out loud He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1 ASV)
Around the 87th floor, she realized that she’d released her friend’s hand, and actually stopped and waited for her, called out to her- by the time they had linked arms again, they had very little time to escape. They made it to the 85th floor together, and suddenly, the second plane collided into the 86th floor of their building, and looking up, they were able to see the belly of the plane that had just caused so much destruction. Sprinting down the stairs now, they were finally almost out. She remembers rushing by fire fighters and pleading with them not to go up, to which they calmly replied, “Its our job,” many of them knowing they would never make it back down. Judith and her  friend were able to make it out alive, and Judith was able to sit down and recount this story with us today.
   So, in the same way that Judith found her way out of the terror that was Nine Eleven by linking arms with her bretheren, if we link arms with God, he will lead us from any darkness in this world, any evil, any fears, and he will guide us on the path to heaven. So link arms with The Lord God today, and let him lead you to salvation.

Fruits of the Spirit: Gentleness

The other night I watched Les Miserables for the first time. Have you ever seen that movie? Well if you haven’t, it’s about a man named Jean ValJean who steals a loaf of bread. For this small crime he is sent to prison for five years. Twice he tries to escape, and this only adds to his time there- Jean ends up spending twenty years in jail all because of a loaf of bread. The night before he finally escapes, Jean makes a vow to kill Javert, the cruel prison master. So he runs away and is given a room and food for the night from a kind old bishop. In the middle of the night, the “convict” sneaks out and steals all of the bishop’s silver except the candlesticks. In the morning, he is brought back to the bishop’s house by the police for stealing, but the bishop tells them that he gave him the silver. Jean asks the bishop why he would do that for an evil man like him, and the bishop says to him, “Any man who was created good by God cannot be turned completely evil by man.” and he hands him the candlesticks and lets him go. Later on, ValJean has a chance to kill Javert, but instead he lets him go and forgives him of all he did to him. Finally, at the end of the play, Javert lets Jean go free, even though Javert said that there was no God, only a right and wrong, and that Jean deserved to be punished for his wrong.  Ia man who had not even an inkling of a belief in God, a man who hunted down another for all his life, but then showed him compassion and gentleness, than shouldn’t we all be able to? These three major instances of gentleness should give us all hope for each other.

Being gentle is much more than just handling an object with care, it is showing love, respect, and understanding for our fellow man. Can you do that, for God?

Fruits of the Spirit: Love

What is love? Love is unconditional, strong, and impossible to stop. Sometimes loving somebody is hard. For example, I love my little cousin, Chase. But sometimes he gets so annoying I want to throw him to China! However these annoyances are only to get my attention because I know he loves me too. This is called Hesed. Hesed is the strongest, most unbreakable, unconditional love in the universe. Love is beautiful and nothing can mar this beauty. Love is not to be taken lightly, however. It is a tool for both good and evil. The devil tries to make us love all of the bad things in the world which will turn us into evil people. God combats this by giving us good things to love which brings us closer towards him and away from Satan. 

People who love people, doing nice things, being kind, going to church, and trying to boost people’s spirits have allowed God to take control of their lives and are walking side by side with him.

Just remember, the more of these things you do, God will love you more, you will love people more, and people will love you back. Love is mutual.

Fruits of the Spirit: Faith

Faith- something many of us struggle with. Most of us go to church every Sunday, praise God, and listen to the sermons, and then we leave as ‘changed’ people. To us, this means we are true Christians. Well it doesn’t. Church does not define our lives, WE define our lives. If you’re a complete jerk everyday and then go to church at the end of the week, that does not make you a Christian. Faith makes you a Christian. We have to believe that God is there. After all, faith is believing without seeing. If we start losing belief in God, we lose faith in God too. The only way we can truly be called God’s children is if we follow God’s commands and do right in his eyes. The more sins we commit, the less faith we show in God. And the less faith we show in God, the more the devil takes control of our lives. All I’m saying is,FAITH IS BELIEVING WITHOUT SEEING.

Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness

SO, has everybody been doing these projects I’ve been asking you to do lately? I have, but let me tell you, not fast forwarding was SOOO hard to stop (in my opinion). Now, as you can hopefully judge from the title of today’s blog, I am writing to you about kindness.

How many of us like to think we are nice people? All of us, right? Now, if we were to look beneath the surface of our own ideas about ourselves and see how we actually act, most of us would be appalled. Despite this, however, we still expect people to like us and to be rewarded for our actions. Take a kid I know from school for example. He calls me and my friends things I don’t think I’m allowed to write here, throws balls at us, calls us morons, shoves us, and then when he finishes bullying us he sort of smiles and starts acting like we’re the best friends in the world! I mean, does he really think I would like him after all of that?!

Now take my mother as an example. She does charity work, cleanup projects, stays up late to help me with my homework,  mows the lawn, delivers food to the neighbors, helps people find jobs, and she is NEVER mean about it. She doesn’t hurt other’s feelings or try to mess up whatever they’re working on. She always looks for the best in others, even when the rest of us don’t. That’s a kind person. So that is my project for today-merely lend a helping hand wherever you can and your life will get a little bit better and God will recognize your actions every time you do. 

You may be wondering why I am telling you this, and the reason is to show you the difference between a kind person and a not so kind person. However, I want you to think of this-just because you are kind does not guarantee us a spot in heaven. We could be one of the most thoughtful people who has ever lived, and help the community, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what we do privately are good things. Drugs, alcohol, adultery, NOT believing in God, could infest your life and take you on a downhill journey to a bad place. And just because you are an unkind person does not necessarily mean that you aren’t going to heaven, either. Does this make it harder to make it to heaven? YES. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it there. It’s an uphill battle, but if you fight hard you WILL storm the castle of heaven.